Thursday, April 26, 2007

Awake to see another day...

Good news: I'm alive. Apparently it was not an infection that spread to my brain. Still don't know what it is but I am choosing to blame my new Sonicare toothbrush.
That or it is an infection spreading to my brain but being by the pool and ocean are strong enough to combat it.
Yesterday was a fabulous beach day which consisted of lying by the pool, walking on the beach, and reading my book. In fact I had to go to the bookstore to stock up on books for today.
Today I am feeling even better so I'm venturing back out to the beach- right after I slather myself with enough SPF 30 to block any ray of sun within a 45 mile radius.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not so pretty...

Back in November I decided I was going to go to a Conference for work that just happened to be held at my favorite beach ever. I talked my mom into taking a vacation so we could rent a beachfront condo together and turn it into a vacation. The thought of this week has literally been keeping me going since November.
We were all set to leave this past Sunday when out of nowhere at 6:00pm the night before I come down with a nasty stomach virus. I'm not going to go into the nasty details but lets just say I could have had 4 gallons of Jim Beam and not thrown up as much as I did.
However, by 3:30 the next day I had had enough pepto to be able to sit in a car moaning while Mom drove the 5 hours to the beach. The first day was spent entirely in bed, but I couldn't complain because my death bed was now facing the ocean. (As an aside I will say I have lost no weight even though I had 3 crescent rolls and 4 saltines to eat in 48 hours- which if you know me you know the significance of this. I am the only person to have gained weight when I had mono. I tend to eat a lot of chicken pot pies when sick.)
Yesterday I felt even better and even ventured to the pool for an hour. Last night I was feeling so good I jumped at and down when my mom did something completely dumb/funny. Things were on track for today to be my day to shine at the beach when....
I wake up this morning with one side of my face swollen. huh??? What? Apparently something is wrong with my tooth and thus I can't eat or swallow. And being the hypochondriac that I am, I am somewhat convinced it is an infection that is now going to go untreated and spread to my brain and I will be dead by days end. (At least I think that can happen.)
Maybe I'll venture to the pool so I can at least die in a lounge chair. And no one will be looking at my face I'm hoping. I figure everyone is so absorbed with their bathing suit or the ocean they will skip over elephant girl.
Hopefully I will be alive later to update you....

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Darn you Al Roker

I was so proud of myself this morning taking a shower and doing my make up in record time.......and then Al Roker happened. I watch the Today Show every morning as I get ready and today Al was in Nashville giving truckloads of supplies to a charity. Today it was a charity for inner city kids who couldn't afford music lessons. This place gave music lessons for 50 cents! So they open the truck and it was tons of new guitars, pianos, etc.
I don't know if I've mentioned before I'm a crier, but needless to say I had to redo my eye makeup and my record breaking time was totally lost.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mint Juleps anyone?

As I previously posted, the Boyfriend is going to the Derby again this year. He has been going every year for about 10 years and is somewhat obsessed with it. I, on the other hand have never been, mainly because it is his time to hang out with his best friend, but more than that I have learned over five years that if he has ANY inkling of drinking whiskey I should not be involved. Its not pretty and I am a firm believer in not putting yourself in ugly situations.
Anyhoo, his best friend's family has a box at Churchill Downs they will be going to this year and somehow my poor fashion-challenged boyfriend realized he needed a new suit (In previous years I have tried not to imagine what he wore but I am quite confident there was more than one Southern lady with a big hat looking him over and thinking "Bless his heart") and much to my excitement he told me I was in charge of putting together his look. (This is BIG as he is so afraid of shopping he literally will not accompany me to a mall- no matter what it is for. I think in five years we have been to a mall less than five times together.)
Well, I am proud to announce that today we had a fight free shopping experience and he is now the proud owner of a VERY CUTE Derby outfit. He will be wearing- a blue and white seersucker suit, white shirt, green or pink tie (we are still negotiating that one), adorable new white bucs, and a straw hat. And the best news is not only did he willingly buy these things, but he actually liked them- especially the shoes. He has fallen in love with them which may be the most bizarre thing I've ever seen from him, but I like it.
Of course (bless his heart), I'm not sure he quite understands he is in what I think of as the uniform for the Derby - he is from California orignally. As we were driving home from the store he looks at me and says (seriously), "You don't think anyone else will be wearing my suit do you?" To which I could only respond, "Babe, I think more people will be wearing your suit than not. But, not to worry it is the Southern male equivalent of the little black dress." In my opinion there can never be too much seersucker- that is one thing my small, private, southern, too conservative, liberal arts education taught me.
So, shopping success. However, check back after the first weekend in May for my post on how the outfit returned home.....I'm a little worried.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Laugh till you cry

One of my favorite things in life is when somthing happens (that usually isn't all that funny) but for some reason you find it so funny you do that laugh so hard you are crying/can't talk thing? Tonight I went out to dinner with two of my favorite people, Bossybarwife and Really I'm a Mother and for some reason I started telling this story that isn't that funny but I started laughing so hard I was crying and could only get a couple of words out at a time. Bossy and Really I'm a Mother at first were just staring at me trying to figure out what I was trying to say but then they started laughing at how dumb I am.
The story goes like this: about 4 years ago when I started my current job I got really really sick about a month after I started. I am talking out of work for a week, think you are going to die sick. I couldn't seem to get better and finally someone suggested that I go see a nutritionist since my new job required me being around lots of children so I probably just needed the right vitamins to build up my immune system.
Long story short I went to the nutritionist and after going through my life history I ended up on about 14 different vitamins a day (which actually helped- I haven't been that sick since!- although I only stayed on them for a few months- did you know vitamins are more expensive than food???!!!) Well, one of the things she gave me a vitamin for was nightmares. I usually had (up until a few months ago) horrible, horrible nightmares at least 4 times a week. I'm talking the kind you wake up from where someone is trying to kill you convinced someone is really trying to kill you so you turn on Nick at Nite and all the lights in the house and pray that DJ Tanner can make it all go away. Well, oddly enough the nutritionist gave me something for my nightmares---------YAM JUICE! I had to put two drops of yam juice in orange juice every night before I went to bed and believe me when I tell you it was the foulest thing I have ever tasted in my life. I actually think only used it for a couple of weeks it was so awful, but it did help my nightmares for awhile. (Later I realized the source of the nightmares was me taking my Wellbutrin at night- who knew?)
(As an aside- another vitamin the nutritionist gave me was Cats Claw- which for some reason one day I decided that is why I had a scratch on my arm- from the cats claw)
It may not be that funny of a story now, but believe you me it was HYsterical after 3 Dos Equis and way too much cheese dip.


I think the time has come for me to confess publicly my love for Blake on American Idol.

Am I really supposed to be happy for this?

Ok. I think I need some help. I am in a situation where my boyfriend thinks I should be happy for him and frankly I'm not and its causing us some tension. Here is the situation:
As you may or may not know I am one of those people who is fascinated with celebrity- as many of us are. I realize its dumb and a part of society that is a problem, but I get REALLY excited at seeing famous people. Once I saw our local news anchor at the mall and I got so excited I embarassed my entire family. My favorite part of the week is usually buying People a US Weeky and sitting on the couch and reading them without having to think of anything important.
On the other hand, Boyfriend is not like this. He could care less- which I actually like in a boy........until this situation arises.
Boyfriend goes to the Kentucky Derby every year and lucky for him his best friend's family is fairly prominent in Kentucky- they have owned horses in the races, get to sit on Millionaire's Row, etc. So, the other day Boyfriend calls me and says his best friend called and got them tickets to this party over Derby weekend. He wasn't at this point telling me to brag but was asking where he should get a tux because its black tie only. He then casually mentions Bill Maher and Pam Anderson will be there (odd mix I know). I of course freak out a little because- well, celebrity is celebrity- that and in 5 years he has never put on a tux in MY presence, but whatever.
Fast forward to five minutes ago. I get to work and get a call from Boyfriend who says, "Peyton Manning AND Eli Manning are going to be at this party." (Another thing you must know about me is I am in LOVE with Tennessee football and more particularly Peyton Manning. I currently sleep in the cutest pink gingham pajama pants with the Colts horseshoe on one leg and a Colts t shirt. The COlts are the only NFL team I will watch. I love the Manning Dynasty.) Then he says, "And Outkast, Kid Rock, Cuba Gooding, Jr, Travis Tritt, Brooks and Dunn, Tom Brady, and who knows who else."
Apparently I didn't sound excited enough and he said, "Aren't you excited?" to which I replied, "No because I'm not going."
Long story short he said that was selfish. And maybe it is, but all's fair in love and celebrity I say. I mean, seriously- he doesn't even know who Brooks and Dunn are nor does he realize the importance of being at a party with a red carpet.
Maybe one day I will find it in my heart to be happy for him.