Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I know this happens to everyone (at least I hope its not me)....but when I am sitting in my office talking on the phone, please do not stand in my doorway just staring at me waiting to get off. Go down the hall or do something else, or even just stand in the hall but please for heaven's sakes do not just stand there staring at me.
I don't do it to you.....because its rude.
Thank you.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My new addiction....

First let me just say that I moved 5 weeks ago and have unpacked 5 boxes. I'm not kidding. Part of it is due to sheer laziness, part of it is due to the fact that I get home from work and frankly don't feel like unpacking, part of it is that it is too overwhelming, and part of it is my new obsession----
I never got into it last season- I think it must have come up against another show I watch but I felt like it might be right up my alley. (I've been looking for a good thriller kinda show to fill the hole that Alias left...) I finally rented the first season on DVD the other week and since then it is ALL I have watched. It is SO GOOD...not to mention the fact I am totally in love now with Milo Ventimiglia and the guy who plays Mohinder- I should figure out his name if I am to be his wife I guess.
Its so good, but slightly scary at times too. My boyfriend and I have had 2 HUGE fights this week and one of them was because he would not drive to my house at 1:20 am when I called him freaking out after a particularly scary Heroes. (The other one involved him wanting to teach me a lesson about how hard sanding is...whatever.)
Anyhoo, I have 12 more episodes to go before the season 2 premiere Monday- wish me luck. I see no unpacking getting done in my future.
(As an aside- my boss is doing the same thing oddly enough and today came to me and said- "So how far along are you?" When I told him he says, "Oh, I am a little ahead of you. You are going to freak out when blah blah blah happens" and then proceeds to tell me what happens. Thanks.)

Monday, September 17, 2007

I've become that lady....

First you must understand I did not grow up with dogs. We had a couple of cats growing up but none that I remember missing too much when they "ran away". We never had a dog and I grew up with the idea that people who had dogs in their houses were not normal....(stay with me).
In college I even remember saying once that if I ever had a dog it would live in the backyard to which my friend yelled, "You're one of THOSE people?" And, at that time I was. Somewhere in the last 5 years or so I have become a dog person. A sleep on the bed with me dog person. Whenever I see a dog I have to pet it, or talk to it, or start crying if I pass it on the road. I love them.
As you know I received a puppy as a Christmas present this year. It took a few months for me to be ok with it, but now I have become that lady who talks to her dog like it was a person.
My dog has recently become obsessed with playing catch with the frisbee. I mean OBSESSED. If we are inside she brings me the frisbee and puts it at my feet and then backs up and just stares at me. Today I went home for lunch and she sat by the door just waiting. I finally looked at her and said, just like I was talking to a person, "I'm sorry. No. I am eating." And thats when I knew- I'm that lady. Like it or not.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am old........

So, I was watching Reba (I know, for years I thought- who would watch that? But, then reallyimamom got me watching it and it is quite good....) and there was a man playing a preacher. I kept thinking I knew him and decided he reminded me of the guy who played Professor Lasky on Saved by the Bell: The College Years, but this guy was too old, so I decided maybe it was his Dad. I get out the ole laptop and look up the actor on IMDB.com and guess what- it was Prof. Lasky (who I had a huge crush on!!)- turns out Saved by the Bell: The College Years was on in 1993!!!! 14 years ago! Is that possible? Prof. Lasky is now playing 50 yr old preachers on Reba. I never thought I'd see the day Prof. Lasky dated Reba McEntire.
I feel real old.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


All I have to say is this: Justin Timberlake (and yes I can only say his voice in my head like the girl on Saturday Night Live) is the sexiest thing out there. Bossy, ReallyI'maMother and I went to the JT concert last night and all we could really do besides drink our beer was stare and drool. He just stands there and is sexy. I really can't say enough how sexy he is. Very hot. As was said last night- we now understand why Cameron Diaz was so pissed when they broke up. I would have kicked Biel's butt as well.
The best part, besides JT, was realizing how old we were. It wasn't because we were the oldest people at the concert, because we weren't- it was how much we sweated walking from our car to the arena (although to be fair to us there was a heat advisory and we did have to walk a mile or so...at least), the fact we wanted to question the concessions guy about when they cut off drunk girls because we were worried about the drunk girl in front of us, and our main concern at the concert was when the balcony was going to fall because of all the shaking and dancing. Yes, we are old, but much much fun was had. (And yes we left before the encore to beat traffic....I am officially my mother)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Finally- Maine pictures!

It only took me a month, but I finally found the gadget I needed to download my pictures from my old camera to my computer- so here are some pictures from our trip to Maine....

Here is the Portland Head Light- what we saw in our first 15 minutes there- great way to start the trip!

This is the view from our cottage's porch.

On our sailing trip.....

A lighthouse we saw on our sail...

This boat looked almost exactly like the one we were on.

And a view of the town and harbor when we reached the top of the mountain on our hike.
Sorry for all of the pictures- I wish I could show them all, but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be interested in all 150!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

me, myself, and stupid

SO- here is the situation. I find myself reading blogs way too much of my day. Some of them I read because I enjoy and some of them I read- well, I don't really know why. Sometimes I get mad at them, but then I think- its their blog, you have no right to get mad, so stop reading- and I do. All this to say I think the blog world affected me on the 4th of July.
Most of the blogs I read seem to be of the preppy variety. And while I love anything pink and green and flip flops, etc sometimes I find myself wondering why things matter. Why do we get so obsessed with finding the perfect napkin for a party? Why does it matter if the invitation is the right color? Why did I spend money I don't have to my stationery could be pink monogram when there are so many things really wrong with the world?
Well, I found out on the 4th that I might need to stop reading all blogs because they are affecting me. After Boyfriend and I went to two other BBQs on the 4th we went to one of his best friends place to watch fireworks. We figured it would be the best firework viewing place because the friend lives in the penthouse right smack downtown and has a balcony the size of my house. Unfortunately a skyscraper was in the way of the biggest fireworks display but since you could see the entire area for miles and miles and miles in every direction we were able to see approximately 25 town's fireworks in the distances.
Here is where I turn crazy. We were all standing around trying to figure out what fireworks were what areas when I say, (after a day of Bud Light drinking) "Well, I mean, if this were MY party I would have cards on the balcony pointing to what city you were looking at and include a pictre of the city on it with how many miles away it is. And it would also probably involve some sort of ribbon." Boyfriend I think actually walked away from me at that point, but I will say the girl next to me said it was a great idea.
In the scheme of life, not that important, but at the time I thought it was VERY important for the success of that party.