Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My new addiction....

First let me just say that I moved 5 weeks ago and have unpacked 5 boxes. I'm not kidding. Part of it is due to sheer laziness, part of it is due to the fact that I get home from work and frankly don't feel like unpacking, part of it is that it is too overwhelming, and part of it is my new obsession----
I never got into it last season- I think it must have come up against another show I watch but I felt like it might be right up my alley. (I've been looking for a good thriller kinda show to fill the hole that Alias left...) I finally rented the first season on DVD the other week and since then it is ALL I have watched. It is SO GOOD...not to mention the fact I am totally in love now with Milo Ventimiglia and the guy who plays Mohinder- I should figure out his name if I am to be his wife I guess.
Its so good, but slightly scary at times too. My boyfriend and I have had 2 HUGE fights this week and one of them was because he would not drive to my house at 1:20 am when I called him freaking out after a particularly scary Heroes. (The other one involved him wanting to teach me a lesson about how hard sanding is...whatever.)
Anyhoo, I have 12 more episodes to go before the season 2 premiere Monday- wish me luck. I see no unpacking getting done in my future.
(As an aside- my boss is doing the same thing oddly enough and today came to me and said- "So how far along are you?" When I told him he says, "Oh, I am a little ahead of you. You are going to freak out when blah blah blah happens" and then proceeds to tell me what happens. Thanks.)

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Just a Country Girl said...

I moved in June and still have boxes to unpack...I keep pulling printer paper out of one box in my home office instead of unpacking that box. You're fine!