Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Way to go me

So yesterday was my 5th anniversary with Boyfriend. There are a few things to note about this milestone:
1) I was always the girl who said if you were still dating someone after 3 years and not engaged yet you were stupid. But, look at me now. For some reason marriage just isn't as important at this minute as I thought it was when I was 24. Although if I'm back in 4 years saying the same thing- hit me.
2) Last night we went to a very fancy restaurant. It is Zagat's #1 in our city and Boyfriend was VERY excited as he is totally obsessed with cooking. I myself prefer some nice chicken fingers or fish so I had an eggroll before we went, just in case.
The experience was very fun. I had risotto for the first time and am newly obsessed with it and we had some truffles which were good. Needless to say this was a VERY expensive meal so you can imagine how well the night ended when after desert I innocently asked "Do you want to give me my present now?"
Apparently expensive dinners are the present.
Who knew.
I was kinda kidding.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

iPod Game

I was complaining to Bossy about not having anything to blog and she said, "Well, you can always do the iPod game." In honor of her birthday, here it is:

Opening Credits: Superstition- Stevie Wonder
First Day of School: I'll Cover You- Rent Soundtrack
Falling in Love: Become You- Indigo Girls
Fight Song: X & Y- Coldplay
Breaking Up: Where is the Love- Blackeyed Peas
Prom: Space Cowboy- NSync
Life: Mrs. Potter's Lullaby- Counting Crows
Driving: Tough Guy- Beastie Boys
Flashback: Andy, You're a Star- The Killers
Getting Back Together: Least Complicated- Indigo Girls
Wedding: Friends in Low Places- Garth Brooks
Party: Seasons of Love- Rent Soundtrack
Birth of a child: Sweet Caroline- Neil Diamond
Death Scene: If I could- Jack Johnson
Funeral Song: Root Down- Beastie Boys
Ending Credits: Smile Like you Mean It

I thought most of these were good- especially my wedding song....and now I might have to name my first born Caroline, because if God wants me to name a child after a Neil Diamond song, I cannot argue.

Monday, February 05, 2007

How old am I?

Ok, I am sure we all remember those days in college or right after where you went to parties and felt it was ok to take beer from wherever you saw it. Didn't bring any beer? Thats ok- someone brought a 12 pack. Go get one. Thats the way it went down in my head.
However, now that I am 30 I thought I had entered the realm of going to parties that are BYOB and you DYOB- drink your own beer. Apparently I haven't. I went to a Super Bowl party (GO COLTS!!) last night and luckily (since I never remember to buy beer) my boyfriend had bought me a 12 pack to take. I was very excited because I knew I would have plenty to bring home to last me awhile. Well, our friend just moved to this penthouse apartment downtown with a patio seriously the size of my whole house. Since it was negative 45 degrees outside everyone put their beer on the patio and used it as a makeshift refrigerator.
Long boring party story short- at half time I thought, "I've only had two beers. I'll have one more and then switch to Diet Coke." So, I send boyfriend out into nature's refrigerator and he comes back to let me know ALL THE BEERS ARE GONE. Apparently the people at the party who were our friend's roommate's friends didn't remember to buy beer so they helped themselves to ours...or more specifically mine. 10 beers gone by halftime. Geez louise people. We are 30- give or take a couple of years. We all have jobs. Buy your own beer. Its Bud Light. It'll only set you back $10, if that.
There. Sorry, but I feel better.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Pretty in Pink

So it has been PRETY COLD where I live these past few days so I decided that the puppy needed a coat, because if I'm cold then surely this 10 week old puppy without much fur is cold. So, off to Petsmart I went. An hour later I emerged with treats, toys, and the most beautiful pink dog coat I have ever seen.

Now, for those of you "I hate dogs dressed as people" people- its a coat, not a shirt, and dogs get cold, too. And for those of you who are like "Hey, weren't you just posting about Hondurans starving to death and now you bought a dog a pink coat", well, I hear ya. I said that myself. But, don't worry. I've already raised $2500 to "sponsor" the village and have other plans to send things down as well. And, the coat was on sale for $6.
That, and the pretty pink coat makes the peeing and pooping in the house a little easier to take.