Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why bother?

An example of why you shouldn't ask boys for fashion help:
(This scene takes place yesterday as I was about to leave for work)

me: Hey, does this shirt look ok tucked in?
Boyfriend: Huh?
me: Does this shirt look ok tucked in?
Boyfriend: Yes.
me: Are you sure?
Boyfriend: I don't know, can I see it tucked in?
me: It is tucked in you freak. Nevermind.

How can you not know a shirt is tucked in?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I am officially old

So, Saturday I got a new car. I'm very excited because I have never owned a car that was built in the same decade I was driving it, much less one that has new car smell. But, I am the proud new owner of an '07 Jeep Patriot. But, thats not the story.
I was sitting in the car dealership with my Dad, stepmom and sister when the car saleslady says, "This one really has every option available." To which I turn to my sister (who is 20) and say, very seriously, "Is that what they call tricked out?" All she could say was, "Ummm...I'm sorry, are you 85?" I of course immediately realized how dumb I sounded and for the next five minutes laughed hysterically. The car people thought I was real cool and defnintely mature enough to own a new car.
A few minutes later the car person asked for my title to which my response was, "My title at work?" When they explained the title to my car I had to ask them what it looked like.
No worries though, next time I am going to look real smart.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Good things

Here are some things I like at this very moment:

1) The beach. I always forget how much I love the beach. I mean, I remember I love it, but I forget I need it. Even though I was sick for some of our beach trip, it was still fabulous. Here are some pictures:

The view from my beach chair.

The view from our balcony.

Our living room area

my bedroom

2) My Sephora eyeliner- and its only $4! (You might remember from a previous post my search for an eyeliner that doesn't smudge and this is the best)

3) my Braves jersey bottle koozie. It turns your beer into a little person- love it.

You Give Love a Bad Name

Dear Blake Lewis from American Idol,
Why Why Why? Why did you die your hair black? It hurt me.
Don't worry, I still love you.