Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am old........

So, I was watching Reba (I know, for years I thought- who would watch that? But, then reallyimamom got me watching it and it is quite good....) and there was a man playing a preacher. I kept thinking I knew him and decided he reminded me of the guy who played Professor Lasky on Saved by the Bell: The College Years, but this guy was too old, so I decided maybe it was his Dad. I get out the ole laptop and look up the actor on and guess what- it was Prof. Lasky (who I had a huge crush on!!)- turns out Saved by the Bell: The College Years was on in 1993!!!! 14 years ago! Is that possible? Prof. Lasky is now playing 50 yr old preachers on Reba. I never thought I'd see the day Prof. Lasky dated Reba McEntire.
I feel real old.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


All I have to say is this: Justin Timberlake (and yes I can only say his voice in my head like the girl on Saturday Night Live) is the sexiest thing out there. Bossy, ReallyI'maMother and I went to the JT concert last night and all we could really do besides drink our beer was stare and drool. He just stands there and is sexy. I really can't say enough how sexy he is. Very hot. As was said last night- we now understand why Cameron Diaz was so pissed when they broke up. I would have kicked Biel's butt as well.
The best part, besides JT, was realizing how old we were. It wasn't because we were the oldest people at the concert, because we weren't- it was how much we sweated walking from our car to the arena (although to be fair to us there was a heat advisory and we did have to walk a mile or least), the fact we wanted to question the concessions guy about when they cut off drunk girls because we were worried about the drunk girl in front of us, and our main concern at the concert was when the balcony was going to fall because of all the shaking and dancing. Yes, we are old, but much much fun was had. (And yes we left before the encore to beat traffic....I am officially my mother)