Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Maine is fun! Boyfriend and I had a great time. As soon as I find the thing I need to upload my pictures I will post more, but here are some highlights:
1) Camden, where we stayed and pictured above, is the perfect Maine town- it is exactly what I pictured!
2) We went sailing and met a really fun couple we went to dinner with.
3) At this dinner Boyfriend gave me a $100 bill for eating half an oyster, something I said I would NEVER do.
4) We went hiking to the top of a mountain where there was a great place to look down over the town, harbor, and Penobscot Bay.
5) I had A LOT of really good lobster.
6) I got to see some lighthouses- one you get to by walking 7/8 of a mile on granite rocks into the middle of the harbor: (pictured below)

7) Our cottage was secluded but directly on the water.

All in all we had a great time and I highly recommend Maine to visit! I tried to convince Boyfriend that we should move there in the summers but he reminded me we have jobs that don't have a Maine outpost...what does he know.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bad news Bear

I will admit I am not the best housekeeper in the world. Its not because I don't like things neat, its just when I am at home I'd rather be lying on the couch than cleaning. All this to say that sometimes my housekeeping habits have a price.
This past week that price was my digital camera. Last year for my birthday I got a really nice digital camera from my Dad- and now I'm hoping I get a new one for Christmas. Apparently Izzy(the dog) or I stepped on it and now the screen is shattered to the point you can't see a thing! Oops.
Luckily I gave my old one to Boyfriend so we will be able to take pictures in Maine and then I can dazzle you next week with all the sites I saw....

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Ok, Boyfriend and I are going to Maine this week for a very quick three day vacation. SO, if anyone has been to the greater Portland, Maine area and knows of somewhere yummy to eat or something we must do, please let me know. We are actually staying in Camden and have already booked a 2 hour boat trip but am looking for anything else we need to do. All Boyfriend wants to do is eat lobsters off boats- I'm hoping I get a good restaurant recommendation so i can at least sit down!

Last week.........

As Bossybarwife reports in her post, we had a pretty good time together at our conference last week. Luckily we think each other is funny, but the more I meet people the more I tend to think no one else thinks we are funny which I think makes us even funnier. Ha.
We each had our really dumb moments as she reports but I will say I might have topped it off with realizing I left all my bras and underwear at the hotel. So, next time someone checks into our room, instead of a Gideon Bible they will find some nice Victorias Secret underwear.
The good news is I wrote a lot of thank you notes during the week and got a lot of Sudoku done to keep me from being bored to death.


As an update. I finally got an e-mail from Limetree. (I deleted the last two entries about them since it seems they are trying to make amends- although I do have to wonder if they ever google themselves and saw this bad press....although that would require someone other than bossy, me, and snakenation reading this so I am going to go with no on that) It was quite apologetic and they are supposedly sending me a gift certificate...we shall see.